Jazz Guitarist/Composer

January 4-5, 2020Shanghai, China The Blue NoteMike Moreno Quartet
January 6, 2020Chongqing, China In Free LiveMike Moreno Quartet
January 7, 2020Chengdu, China Oak Nose Jazz ClubMike Moreno Quartet
January 4-5, 2020Xi'An, China Meeting JazzMike Moreno Quartet
January 10, 2020Seoul, South Korea CJ AzitMike Moreno Quartet
January 11, 2020Daegu, South Korea Various Jazz ClubMike Moreno Solo
January 13, 2020New York, NY Smalls Jazz ClubEYM Trio
January 17-18, 2020Los Angeles, CA The NAMM ShowStephen Marchione Guitars
January 22-23, 2020New York, NY The Jazz StandardKendrick Scott Oracle
January 29, 2020Tenerife, Gran Canaria Festival En ParaleloGuest with Jose Alberto Medina Quintana
January 30, 2020Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Festival En ParaleloGuest with Jose Alberto Medina Quintana
January 31, 2020Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria Festival En ParaleloGuest with Jose Alberto Medina Quintana
February 1, 2020Arrecife, Gran Canaria Mousike La LagunaMike Moreno Masterclass
February 3, 2020Vienna, Austria Porgy & BessKendrick Scott Oracle
February 4, 2020Budapest, Hungary Budapest Jazz ClubKendrick Scott Oracle
February 5, 2020Osnabruck, GermanyArthouseKendrick Scott Oracle
February 6, 2020Dresden, Germany TonneKendrick Scott Oracle
February 7, 2020Poznan, Poland The Blue NoteKendrick Scott Oracle
February 8, 2020Gdansk, Poland Jazz JantarKendrick Scott Oracle
February 9, 2020Berlin, Germany GretchenKendrick Scott Oracle
February 10, 2020Prague, Czech Republic Jazz DockKendrick Scott Oracle
February 11, 2020Munich, Germany UnterfahtKendrick Scott Oracle
February 12, 2020Stuttgart, Germany BixKendrick Scott Oracle
February 13-14, 2020Copenhagen, Denmark Jazzhus MontmartreKendrick Scott Oracle
February 15, 2020Amsterdam, Netherlands BimhuisKendrick Scott Oracle
February 17, 2020London, England Ronnie ScottsKendrick Scott Oracle
February 18, 2020Rheinfelden, Switzerland Q4Kendrick Scott Oracle
March 4, 2020Brooklyn, NY Bar BayeuxMike Moreno Quartet
March 26-29, 2020New York, NY The Jazz StandardJimmy Green

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